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Extensions make an already great product even greater. Whether it's with advanced email features, collaboration, additional icons... every one of our extensions adds amazing new features that make your Mobirise experience so much better.

Our extensions

We offer a wide variety of extensions. We've divided them into two categories: Web Development and Icons & Design.

Web Development

Code Editor

The Code Editor extension gives you full control over your block's HTML and CSS.


Add a simple search engine to your website and let your visitors find the content they need.


Add independent contact forms to your website with ease. Customize them however you like.

White Label

Remove (almost) all references to the Mobirise website by using our White Label extension.

Page Name

You can not only change the file extension of your pages, you can also insert custom HTML wherever you prefer.


With the Language extension, you can specify the language of your website. It makes use of the "lang" attribute of the <html>-tag.

Anchor Editor

Edit the anchor of any block. Easier to remember, better for the eye, better for SEO.

Draft Mode

Need to publish your website, but not all blocks are ready yet? With this extension you can prevent those blocks from getting published.

Modal Window

Create your own modal windows and make your website even more beautiful.

jQuery for M5

Need jQuery in your M5 projects? No problem, we got you covered.

Icons & Design

Design Blocks

Get access to an online Gallery from where you can pick and choose blocks you'd like to use in your websites.

Font Awesome Icons

Add the popular Font Awesome icons to your website with this awesome extension.

Material Design Icons

The spectacular Material Design icons are now available for your Mobirise websites.

Government Icons

This library features over 100 government themed icons to choose from to make your web project stand out.

Themify Icons

Themify consists of more than 300 pixel-perfect, hand-crafted icons that draw inspiration from Apple iOS.

Dev Icons

Dev icons is a set of icons representing programming languages, designing & development tools.

Flag Icons

Add full-color flags to your website using this amazing extension.

Map Icons

These icons fit perfectly into websites about travelling, recreation and more.

Weather Icons

Dozens of weather themed icons, ready to be dropped right into your website.

All our extensions are FREE to use in both personal and professional projects.

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