Add independent contact forms to your website with ease.

Download and install at your own risk. Always make sure you have proper backups of your projects. If you experience issues, uninstall the extension and see if the issues are then gone, before contacting Mobirise support.

About this extension

Flexible Solution

Almost every website uses a contact form in one way or another. This extension offers a flexible solution that will fit your needs.

For Developers

Are you a professional web designer? The default contact form can be entirely customized to your liking. Our website is just one example of its implementation. Read our documentation to get to know more.

Not Code Savvy?

Don't worry, we've got you covered. You can use the default contact form or choose to use our new Form Builder block, with which you can simply click and choose what your form should look like.

Getting Started


Drag in a Contact Form

Drag in any of the contact forms (under the "witsec" category), then set up the block the way you think is perfect for your website.


Change Global Settings

Go to Sites, then click on the cog icon of the current website. Then go to the witsec tab and make sure the Mailform is enabled. You can enter all global settings in the pop-up window.


Publish to a Web Server

The contact forms will only work on a PHP enabled web server, they won't work locally.


M3 M4 M5 AMP


Among many other things, our Mailform extension features the following:

  • CAPTCHA support
    Our Mailform supports both reCAPTCHA v2 (visible checkbox) and v3 (invisible). We have even included a simple alternative CAPTCHA.
  • Easy to set up
    Configure a form through the block parameters. Set up global settings in the Site Settings menu, like reCAPTCHA, auto response messages, etc.
  • Customize the form to your liking
    As the form block is fully customizable through the block parameters and Code Editor, you can make your contact form really stand out.
  • Simple Form Builder Block
    Perfect for non-coders that want to create a professional looking form.
  • Supports M3, M4 and M5 themes
    All advanced features are available in themes based on Bootstrap, even M3 themes!
  • Multiple recipients
    Emails can be sent to multiple recipients. You can even set different recipients per form by using the built-in Address Book.
  • Customize the look and feel of emails
    Create professional looking emails by using HTML tags in emails.
  • SMTP support out-of-the-box
    You can either rely on the mailing capabilities of your web server or choose to use SMTP of your choosing.
  • File Attachments and allowed Mime Type
    You can have file attachments on your forms. For added security, you decide what Mime Types you want to allow.
  • Customize Error Messages
    You can show more informational error messages as to why a form submission failed by using your own custom error messages.
  • Mini Templates
    These come in handy if you have multiple forms in your website and want to customize the text for each form.

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